DSAN Perfect Cue – Speaker timer

The slide advancer for your presentation

Our Dsan products we are using them a lot for our USA clients who are coming over to Europe for there Event. They are used to work with good gear.


The DSan PerfectCue™ is a light and sound signaling system. It enables a speaker to send cues to a projectionist for “next”, “back” and “blank” using a wireless hand-held actuator.

PerfectCue allows you to remotely control PowerPoint© presentations when it is connected to your computer via the USB port.  You can use PerfectCue to remotely navigate presentations that are prepared on Web pages and displayed in a browser!

D San Audience Signal Light with 4in Digital Display and Tri Color Lights

Audience Signal Light with 4-inch digits and 1-inch green-yellow-red phase lights. Integrated stand for downstage setup. May be used as 24-hour clock when not driven by Limitimer PRO-2000 timer. Includes external 12 V power supply.